How to Plan Your Outdoor Great Room

What type of outdoor room do you want to create?

  • A full entertainment area for family and friends.
  • An intimate outdoor dining room.
  • A private solitude for two.
  • An outdoor extension of your kitchen.
  • A stocked poolside bar and grill Cabana.
  • A classic front entry way and greeting area that demands curb appeal.

Where is the ideal spot to create your outdoor room?

  • Will you need to be close to a certain home entry for grilling supplies? Or maybe your outdoor room will accommodate all your kitchen needs with the incorporation of a refrigerator and sink.
  • What about being close to a home entry for bathroom access?
  • Is there an existing destination on your property that you want to be closer to? Sometimes natural focal points like lakes, rivers, and forest edges command their own room away from the home.
  • Are there any drainage concerns, utilities, plumbing, septic, or local codes to consider?What about wind, rain, and sun/shade placement? Wind and rain can affect the way a flame or water cascade performs. The amount of sunshine a certain area get's can either enhance or detract from the overall experience.

Give yourself some boundaries.

  • It can get overwhelming furnishing large areas like the outdoors. If you think of it like decorating a living room, a room with boundaries, it's easier to start placing the pieces of the puzzle together. In a living room, you are never far away from entertainment, warmth, and furniture. In a kitchen, you are never far away from a cooking surface, and a dining area(s). The arrangement of these items in a somewhat confined space, create the intimacy you gravitate towards. The same applies outside. An outdoor living room can consist of an arrangement of furniture, focusing on the beauty of a fireplace and a water feature. Accent the room with romantic lighting, and built in audio to complete the mood. Need to unwind in the evening after a stressful day? This outdoor retreat will provide the release you are looking for.
  • An outdoor kitchen works the same way. We'll start with function. Every kitchen needs a place to cook. A grille island should be placed where the chef of the house can operate safely away from high traffic areas. The chef will need to be close to his food source, so quick access to the indoor kitchen may be necessary. Or ideally, a bar island with refrigerator and sink access is close at hand, for the chef's use, as well as his guests. An outdoor dining table will complete the package, or an additional bar island can be used for dining, and provide extra storage.
  • Do you love to entertain? Incorporate both the outdoor living room, and the outdoor kitchen together to create the ultimate shan-gri-la.


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