Spring/Fall Clean Up

This is where we really come to the rescue. After all those beautiful fall colors have fallen to the ground or as the colors are ready to bloom call us for a sigh of relief. Get your lawn ready for the next season with a Spring or Fall Clean Up from the Envisioning Green team! Life is busy enough as it is, leave the yard work to us and spend more time with your family, friends, or on your hobbies and other things you want to do! With a local lawn service company like Envisioning Green, we’ll care about the clean up details on your property because, chances are, one of us live nearby!

Our clean-up includes removing leaves and other fallen debris in your lawn, in the landscaping, under those hard to reach bushes, and in all those other nooks and crannies that, let’s face it, you don’t have time to deal with. With our large blowers and truck-vac we will have your yard looking great just before the holidays in the fall or just in time for the flowers in spring.

Why get a clean up?

It’s important not to let an excess amount of leaves collect on the ground for too long. An excess of leaves blocks sunlight and traps in the moisture which makes a perfect breeding ground for fungus, mold and disease. This can wipe out all the hard work on your lawn throughout the season in one fell swoop leaving you back at square one when the spring season starts. A healthy lawn may bounce back but an even slightly stressed lawn will have a much more difficult time recuperating.

Additionally, the most valuable thing we have is time and there just isn’t enough of it in anyone’s lifetime. By hiring a professional lawn care and maintenance company, you can add hours back onto your life (both by decreasing stress and by increasing the free time you have). A professional company will also decrease the amount of time it takes to get your lawn in top shape which will leave you with more time to enjoy it.

Fall Clean Up

When the leaves are falling, they’re beautiful but once they’re on the ground, they’re nothing but a mess. The Envisioning Green team can have your property looking top notch without all the weekend work by you and your family because, let’s be real, you have much more important things to do.

Generally, your fall clean up will be completed at the conclusion of the fall season. Leaves and debris will be removed from landscape, shrubs, ground cover, and lawn areas. Leaves will be cleaned up and removed from the property by our team which is one of the most important steps. Who wants the leaves to just blow around their neighborhood or back into your yard?

When you schedule your Fall Clean Up, it’s also the perfect time to schedule additional services such as shrub pruning or mulching. Luckily, with Envisioning Green, you can have one point of contact for all of your lawn maintenance needs.

Spring Clean Up

The winter has gone away but your lawn still looks like Old Man Winter is hanging out there. That’s where our team comes in. When your landscaping starts blooming and your grass greens up, you should be able to enjoy it without all the extra things that have accumulated there over the winter.

Generally, your Spring Clean Up will be completed at the beginning of the season. Leaves and debris will be removed from landscape, shrubs, ground cover, and lawn areas. Leaves will be cleaned up and removed from the property by our team.

Don’t wait to enjoy the beauty of spring on your property, schedule your Spring Clean Up with our professional, friendly, and uniformed team!

Don’t waste time – schedule your complimentary consultation for your lawn maintenance needs today! We can save you even more time by providing a custom year round maintenance schedule so when you’re lawn is in need, we’ll be there already. Call us in the office at 618-307-6677, chat with us using the button below, or fill out our consultation request form linked in the bottom left of the page. We’re here to make your life (and your yard) easier!

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