Outdoor Rooms

Choosing Envisioning Green is the first step towards your outdoor room design. Our professionals will ensure that all of your outdoor dreams become reality. Envisioning Green is the company to help you with your outdoor room from beginning to end. With unmatched design experience as well as an exceptional installation history, we are here to help you. Your home shouldn’t end when you walk out your door and that’s where we come in.

      • What type of outdoor room do you want to create?
        • A full entertainment area for family and friends
        • An intimate outdoor dining room
        • A private solitude for two
        • An outdoor extension of your kitchen
        • A stocked poolside bar and grill Cabana
        • A classic front entry way and greeting area that demands curb appeal


Your home should reflect who you are and what you like to do, outdoor rooms can help with that. An outdoor room with Envisioning Green will be designed to suit your needs and wants.

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