Tree & Shrub Fertilization

Let's get your shrubs and trees looking their best! Envisioning Green will apply specialty fertilizers depending on the type of shrubs and trees you have. For our more acid loving plants we will provide a fertilizer that is excellent for evergreens, Andromeda, Dogwood, Hydrangea, Magnolias, and most other acid-loving trees and shrubs. All types of shrubs will receive a fertilizer that has a continuous-release nitrogen encourages vigorous root growth and lush foliage. This also will protect your plants for insects, fungus and mites with our specialized applications of insecticide, fungicide, and miticide. This application is protect your roses, sand cherry, plum trees and other red/purple leaf plants from the devastating effects of the Japanese Beetles in April and June.

This is a 6 Step Process that includes:

  • 1 Early Application of Dormant Oil (Applied Before Spring)
  • 4 Treatments of: Insecticide, Fungicide, and Miticide (Applied between April-October)
  • 1 Deep Root Fertilization and Injection. (Applied between November-January)

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