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Our Mission Statement
"Go exceedingly above and beyond our clients' expectations while maintaining quality, professionalism, hard work, and a fair price."

Why Choose Us?
My personal promises to you are to be upheld by myself and my employees with absolute dedication.

  • I promise to provide fair and competitive pricing to you and all of our customers.
  • I promise reliable service-we'll be there when we promised.
  • I promise to use only the finest equipment and keep it maintained.
  • I promise to answer concerns, complaints, or questions in a timely manner.
  • I promise that our customer's satisfaction is our #1 priority.

  • To serve our customers with the utmost respect and understanding, acknowledging their questions and concerns and taking the proper steps to address them accordingly. Doing this, we ensure that our customer is our number one priority.
  • Strive for continual education and certification in all fields of our services to uphold professionalism and quality. We will service with the highest-quality state-of-the-art equipment to avoid breakdowns and thus the ability to stay on task due to a lack of time constraints with lengthy repairs. We will provide and maintain the best competitive advantage in our territory by implementing our strengths that our competitors do not have.
  • Continue to hire and train professional employees. We will hire crew leaders and supervisors within each type of service and have them trained to become CLT's (Certified Landscape Technicians). With properly trained employees we will be able to serve our customers better with professionalism and the knowledge needed to complete the job correctly.

Member of National Association of Landscape Professionals
Member of ILCA (Illinois Landscape Contractors Assoc.)
Certified & licensed by ICPI (Interlocking Concrete Pavement Institute)
Certified & licensed by the NCMA (National Concrete Masonry Assoc.)
Certified Versa-lok and SRW (Segmented Retaining Wall) installers.
Certified & licensed pesticide applicator/operators.


At the age of twelve, Steven Johns started a small lawn mowing business to earn a little extra money. At the time, his territory extended magnificently a few houses down from his own. With a push mower by his side, Steven would sit in the trunk of his mother's red van as she drove him from house to house. As the years passed, his hard work and devotion to enhancing Earth's wondrous landscapes only intensified. Steven's meticulous nature created fame throughout his neighborhood. His territory soon began to branch out from his family friendly subdivision into the Alton/Godfrey area. With faith in Steven's entrepreneurship, his mother and her business friend, Teri, bought him his first magnetic business sign for his truck door. Upon graduating from high school, Steven eagerly began studying landscape design and turf management at South Western Illinois College. At this time, he was also extensively educated on various types of plants. Over the years, Steven has purchased all of the highest-quality, state-of-the-art equipment for his business. Today, Steven's Lawn and Landscape Design, now Envisioning Green, continues to advance in every area of their services. Steven Johns' passion and love for his customers and community is paramount, yet nonetheless, matchless.

Oh, and if your're wondering...that really is Steven in the picture above, he's just a little bit older now!

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