National Golf Month

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The month of July was National Grilling Month, the month of August is National Golf Month. Can’t you see yourself grilling out in your backyard and taking a break to practice your short game? With a putting green installed by Envisioning Green, that’s possible! The putting greens we install are made with synthetic turf so you can putt year round! Ours has even been used in the snow (see below).


While we don’t expect that you’ll want to putt in the snow, there are plenty of other times in the year that you’ll want to. Synthetic turf putting greens are low maintenance and still offers the beauty of real grass! You can have the hills and rough, the simplicity or difficulty, and much more without all of time that are put into golf courses.  While they may cost more to install, the time you will save when you’re enjoying it for years to come without the hassle will make up for it.

2016 Display 04

Our clients are amazed when they putt on our putting green for the first time because of how well they putt. You will truly be getting good practice for when you go out to the course and impress your friends. Like I mentioned before, you can have different grass lengths, different elevations, and much more. They are very customizable and can be worked to fit almost any back yard. They might be tiny if you don’t have much yard but we’ll do our best to make it work!

Hemminghaus Putting Green 01

If you have any questions about our putting greens or any of our other services, our designers would love to hear from you! They have experience in designing and installing them as well as experience on the golf course and can answer your questions. Looking to get one installed in your backyard or just have questions? Call Lindsey in the office today at 618-307-6677 to get your consultation appointment set up!


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