6 Reasons to Get a Fall Clean Up

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You’ve had your lawn maintained (or have maintained your lawn) all spring & summer and it’s finally exactly where you wanted it to be. Now, the weather is cooling down, the leaves are changing and starting to fall, and you’re done with all the lawn maintenance, right? Not so fast, lawn maintenance still isn’t done and in order to have the best lawn come spring, there’s a little extra work that needs to be done (or that we recommend hiring a professional for)! Read on for 6 (of the many) reasons to hire a professional and get a fall clean up this season.

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  • Leaves are Hard on Your Lawn – Have you ever seen a lawn that is more leaves than grass? Did you know that that can actually ruin the grass you’ve worked so hard for all season? The cover of the leaves keep the sun out and traps the moisture in which could kill the lawn if left there over the winter. Sure, some of them may blow away, but if it rains then they’re more than likely stuck there until you clean them up (or hire a professional to do it).

Fallen autumn leaves in the park

  • Holidays are Busy – No one really has time to think about maintaining their lawn once the holiday season starts rolling around. By hiring a professional, you can be proud of your lawn and show it off during your holiday with family without the stress of finding the time to do it yourself. The holidays are stressful enough without all of that!
  • Leaves are a Breeding Ground for Fungal Diseases – As mentioned above, the cover of leaves traps moisture on your lawn and there’s nothing that fungal diseases on your lawn love more than moisture! By clearing them away, you help eliminate the growth and spread of fungal diseases that will stick around in your lawn for spring!
  • Lessens the Work in the Spring – By getting the leaves cleaned up this winter, there will be less work that needs to be done in the spring. Face it, when the leaves blow around, they don’t make their way to your neighbors’ yards. Instead, they blow into your landscaping, get stuck in your bushes, or find their way onto your patio/pool. They will also make the work to get your lawn back up to the envy of the neighborhood less as it won’t have as much damage to bounce back from!

Golden Retriever Dog in a pile of Fall leaves

  • Leaves Can Block Drainage – You’ve probably got drains around your home to help manage the rain/snow melt. Like mentioned above, the leaves couldn’t conveniently blow away from your house so instead, they’ll find their way to your drains. This can cause a major problem if the water coming into your yard has no place to go and can cause even further damage.
  • Diminish Amount of Bugs in the Spring – Who hates pesky bugs? We understand, some bugs are great for plants and landscaping, however, there are just some that are pests. By cleaning up your leaves, this will help to diminish the amount of bugs you have this fall and in the spring as well! You may not know this but bugs LOVE moisture which (as discussed above) is caused by having a build up of leaves. Additionally, bugs lay eggs under that layer of leaves that’s hanging around in your leaves. By having the leaves removed from your yard, you won’t have such a breeding ground for pests which will help with overall pest population growth.

Siblings playing with maple leaves in autumn park

While a little bit of organic matter on your lawn can be beneficial, there is far more harm than good that can be caused by a large amount of leaves on your lawn. There is nothing like that crunch of leaves under foot as you walk around in your back yard or jumping into a large pile of them once they’ve fallen. However, once the fun stops, it’s time to do the work. That’s where we come in. Have all the fun of leaves in your yard without all the work. Our team of trained professionals in the St. Louis metro east can make your leaf clean up a breeze and have your lawn looking great for the holidays. Give us a call in the office today at 618-307-6678 to schedule your consultation! We’d love the opportunity to become your trusted local lawn maintenance company!

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