Things to Look Out For in Your Lawn: Fescue Leaf Spot & Brown Patch Fungus

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Does your lawn look really thirsty right now? Are their light brown spots all over? Your lawn may be suffering from Fescue Leaf Spot or Brown Patch Fungus. This is widespread right now with the crazy amount of rain our area has been receiving. From year to year, this can sometimes be a problem and sometimes it isn’t, depending upon the weather which is why it is an additional service that we offer rather than part of our regular program. No sense in paying for it if you don’t need it, right?

How are they managed? Controlling moisture & with a Fungicide

  • How You Can Help: These are often caused by too much moisture on your lawn. To help, you can use practices that alleviate or reduce drought stress and excessive leaf wetness. Soil moisture levels and irrigation should be closely monitored to avoid overwatering. Turfgrass should be looked over on a regular basis (our turf experts will look over your lawn when they are there but it’s important that you let us know any changes when you see them between visits) and appropriate and immediate actions should be implemented. This is critical for this disease because a rapid outbreak can occur under ideal environmental conditions like we have been having this year.
  • How Envisioning Green Can Help: Fungicide treatment is important for the control of leaf spot control, brown patch, and other lawn fungus control. Application of fungicides should begin at the onset of disease and may have to continue every one to three weeks as needed when the muggy weather prevails. The extent of disease present will greatly influence fungicide performance. If leaf spot outbreaks are in an advanced state by the time fungicide sprays are initiated, it is likely that levels of control will be unacceptable.


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What does fungus look like?

Brown Patch Fungus

Fescue Brown Path

Fescue Leaf SpotFescue Leaf Spot

*Exclusions apply, see our team for full offer details.

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