Questions to Ask a Professional Snow Removal Company

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Don’t worry with the first flurry! Finding a reliable snow removal company can be difficult. There are many questions that need to be answered before confirming that a company is reliable and professional. Each property will have their own set of extra questions but we find these to be pretty standard for all properties. It’s easy to want to hire a fly by night operation because, let’s face it, they’re probably going to be the least expensive. However, those same fly by night operations may be the ones that are the least reliable, the ones that leave you hanging in the middle of an ice storm, and the ones that damage your landscaping and lot and leave you on the hook for it because they are uninsured. A reliable snow removal company will be there on time, ready to work, and will keep your employees and clients safe. Now, on to the questions:

Question #1: How long has your company been in the snow removal industry, particularly working with commercial clients?

This is a very important question because with longevity typically comes reliability. Someone doesn’t stay in business usually by doing a terrible job. Also, fly by night operations will be unprepared for the often 24 hour plus work days that come with snow and will have the least to lose by leaving you hanging. Envisioning Green has been in the snow removal industry and working with commercial clients for about 10 years.


Question #2: What kind of an equipment fleet do you have and what crews do you have available to clear the snow and ice from my property?

This is telling as well, you want to make sure that they are confident in their fleet and are taking good care of their equipment and vehicles. Someone who knows enough about the industry will be able to tell you when they got their equipment, how they’ve been taking care of it, and what kind of life-expectancy the equipment is expected to have. Envisioning Green has several trucks, all equipped with plows and salt spreaders. We also have plenty of shovels, snow blowers, push salt spreaders, and a tractor to use as we need them. We have a mechanic in house who makes sure that everything is properly serviced and well taken care of. We also make sure that we cycle out our equipment well before their expected life expectancy is

Question #3: What is important for you to take into consideration when clearing snow from my commercial facility?

A reliable snow removal company will know that you need to account for traffic flow, refreezing, visibility, and completion times. Commercial properties have varying hours from business to business so they also need to know when it is expected for things to be cleared by.

Question #4: How do you prepare to service my commercial property?

It is important that parking lots are staked (or at least an overhead is mapped out) and a walkthrough of the site is completed. Envisioning Green always makes sure that these things are completed. You cannot properly service a property without knowing where exactly needs to be serviced! These precautions will help ensure that things are not damaged during the snow removal process and ensure that everyone is on the same page!


Question #5: What’s your backup plan?

Any reliable snow company will have a plan for if things get a little crazy. Things do happen and unfortunately Murphy’s Law does apply to snow removal as well. The important thing is knowing what you will do in almost any scenario. We have back up salt spreaders, plows, and even trucks as well as other equipment. With well taken care of equipment, things going wrong is much rarer than for those things that are not taken care of.

Question #6: Do you store salt at your own facility or get it per storm?

A reliable snow removal company should ALWAYS keep their salt at their own facility. Salt shortages happen and you need to be ahead of the curve so you aren’t caught without salt. We always stock up at the beginning of the season so we will get the best price and won’t run out. This ensures that our clients are always taken care of and that their properties remain safe throughout the snow season.

Question #7: How many clients do you have?

A reliable snow company does not get in over their head. They know the limitations of their people and the amount of equipment that they have and don’t go beyond that. We accept nothing less than excellence and that applies to our snow removal clients as well. We will only take as many clients as we can handle to ensure that everyone is taken care of to our standards.

Snow removal is a difficult choice to make and we hope that these questions will help to make your decision easier. It’s important to pick a company with experience that has also proven themselves to be reliable. Choose someone with lots of clients that have been with them for years and someone that has been in the business for years. Don’t be afraid to ask for references. Safety of employees and clients is paramount and hiring someone to properly service your property during snow season will ensure that for years to come.

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6 thoughts on “Questions to Ask a Professional Snow Removal Company

  1. I really like your first question about how long a company has been in the industry. When you’re looking for any type of commercial service, I feel like finding experienced companies is going to be of the utmost importance, and I don’t see why snow removal would be any different. I loved all of your advice, but that was the point that really stuck out to me the most. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Experience is definitely something to look at when choosing companies. However, I think we shouldn’t be afraid to look at alternatives if you know of a company that has been around forever and may not be trying its best for customers. Always good to check reviews and see what other companies are available just in case!

  3. This is a good read. I like how you made a list of questions to ask a professional snow removal company. Asking questions is important to collect more information for deciding if you’re going to hire this company for their service. I particularly like how you mentioned in this blog post that we should ask what is important for them to take into consideration when clearing snow from the property.

  4. Thanks for pointing out that a great snow plowing company will easily be able to tell you when they got their equipment and how they keep it in great working condition. The store I work for wants to make sure that our parking lot stays clear even when a lot of snow sticks. We will definitely be asking each plowing service we consider about their equipment to make sure it is in great condition.

  5. You’ve got great tips for hiring a snow removal. I like how you said that it’s important to see why type of equipment they have. That’s smart. I wish there was a good company that came by our house because driving on that road in deep snow is terrifying.

  6. Thanks for these tips on how to find a good snow plow service. I agree that you want to consider their backup plan in order to know they are right for you. My husband and I are looking for a snow plow, so we’ll have to check their backup plan.

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