Backyard Putting Greens: Review of Real vs Artificial Putting Greens

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Why install a backyard putting green? A green is a great addition for your yard. Whether you’re an avid golfer, trying to improve your game, or just enjoy relaxing and doing some putting, a putting green can bring golf just a step out your back door. Life is busy, having a green in your backyard will give you more time to improve your short game while also having more time for family. You can even work on your short game in your pajamas (don’t tell your neighbors we said that), how convenient is that?
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We’ve heard it a lot, what’s better for me, an artificial putting green or a real putting green? That’s a question that can have many answers and has many facets to the answers but we’ll gladly help you examine them. Our designers here at Envisioning Green are always available to answer your questions and help you get that much closer to achieving your dream outdoor space. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of each type of putting green to help you better make your decision.

Natural Grass Putting Greens

Real golf course have natural grass putting greens so we understand why people would initially think that’s what they want. You see the beautifully well-manicured greens at your local golf course and can only dream about that same look in your backyard. We understand, that’s what you play on so shouldn’t that be what you practice on? Maybe, maybe not. Let’s go a little more in depth into natural grass greens.

Pros of Natural Grass Putting Greens

We understand, you’ve heard that natural grass putting greens are cheaper to install.  Bentgrass is a commonly used grass on golf course greens and it is cheaper to install initially than an artificial turf green. I’m sure you can sense the “but” in that statement. Over the course of time, natural grass greens maintenance will far exceed the cost difference during installation. Not to even mention the amount of time that you will spend maintaining it. There’s a reason that the greens at golf courses look so lush, there are people on staff full time to maintain it. I don’t know about you but I don’t want a staff of people in my backyard full time, nor could I afford it!

Cons of Natural Grass Putting Greens

That leads me into the drawbacks of a natural grass putting green. You will probably spend more time maintaining it than you will actually spend playing on it. Since it’s grass and needs to be kept trimmed, you will have to mow it almost every day to maintain the proper height. Also, your regular mower won’t do and you’ll need to buy a professional, reel-type mower.

You’ll also have to spend time smoothing out the bumps. It won’t stay smooth and will require occasional rolling to keep it smooth. Add that on to the already rising equipment and labor cost.

Watering and Weeding and Feeding… Oh my! Sorry, had to throw in the Wizard of Oz reference there. You will have to stay on a regular watering, pest/weed control, and fertilization schedule. At this point, you might as well just quit your day job and call yourself a groundskeeper!

Last but not least, you’re limited on the location of your natural green as it needs to be in full sun for the best growth. There has to be good air movement and also can’t be placed very easily in a low area because of the risk of standing water.

If you just love caring for your lawn, there is nothing wrong with that! We just wouldn’t be doing our job if we didn’t share how much of a time and money investment a natural green is. You can look at it this way, two hobbies for the price of one!

Artificial Putting Greens

If you have more time for golf than groundskeeping, then the artificial putting green is for you! It plays very similarly and has much more of a wide range of options without all the maintenance. They will look like the well-manicured putting greens you see on golf courses year round and you’ll be able to utilize them then too! Some snow? Clear it off and play in your snow boots and pretend you’re in Hawaii. May not be very easy but you can try!

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Pros of Artificial Putting Greens

As mentioned previously, you can use an artificial putting green year round. I know, in our neck of the woods, you’re often going to have to contend with snow and cold but you can still use the green if you want to! Get too much rain? No problem, you’re putting green will drain the water and still be useable! Not to mention, with these mild temperatures we’ve been having lately, you’d probably get to use it comfortably for longer than you’d think!

Touched on before, artificial putting greens are really low maintenance. You won’t have the cutting, fertilizing, etc that is included in a natural grass putting green so you’ll have much more time to practice!

You can also put your artificial green anywhere. You don’t have to worry about the amount of sunlight it gets, what kind of water it gets, or anything in between! It’ll stay beautiful all the time.

Last but not least, Envisioning Green only uses top of the line synthetic turf which will ensure that they will play very similarly to natural grass. We’ve even had clients think our turf IS natural grass! We will make sure that they’re installed with a variety of game speeds to help you work on whatever portion of your game needs the most practice.

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Cons of Artificial Putting Greens

The only one that we can come up with is it’s more expensive to install in the beginning. But as stated before, this more than makes up for the cost difference when it comes to maintaining a natural grass green. The only other thing that could possibly be a con is if you really wanted to spend more time maintaining your green than playing on it.

Leave your backyard putting green to Envisioning Green

We are a customer service company with a passion for outdoor spaces. We don’t just want to provide you with a service but with an experience. Let our expert designers help turn your backyard putting green dreams into a reality. We will make sure that you not only get what you want but that you know all of your options as well. Your space will be custom designed to suit your needs and can be integrated flawlessly into your outdoor space. Give Lindsey a call in the office to set up your free consultation appointment today! Our number is 618-307-6677 or you can email us at We look forward to hearing from you!

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