A healthy lawn isn’t only a mowed lawn. In order to have a lawn that is the envy of the neighborhood, fertilizer is really important. As often as we hear people say that they want to do it themselves, a lot of people get overwhelmed at all the intricacies of properly fertilizing their lawn. That’s where we come in.

Our team of professionals know what to watch for when it comes to threats to your healthy lawn such as certain environmental conditions, insects, soil moisture, diseases, and weeds and can treat accordingly. Most soils don’t have sufficient nutrients which means your lawn needs an extra health to get vibrant and stay vibrant.

With proper fertilization, your lawn will thrive and you can experience these benefits:

  • Healthier Growth – When grass is growing regularly, it will help with both grass density and tolerance for environmental stressors.

  • Higher Density – When your grass is a healthy density, it will help to control weeds since there will no longer be room for them to grow and take root.

  • Environmental Stressor Resistance – Just like when you are healthier and your body can fight off illnesses more easily, your lawn does the same thing. When it has the nutrients that it needs, it is less likely to succumb to the stressors that plague other lawns.

  • Less Recovery Time When Damaged – Again, when your lawn has the proper nutrients that it needs, if something does happen to damage it, it will bounce back much quicker when properly fertilized.

  • Lower Environmental Temperatures – Have you ever noticed that when you set in a lush green yard that it seems nice and cool? A surprising perk to a well fertilized lawn is a lower ambient temperature.

Last, but not least, is the most sought after and most noticeable benefit:

  • Lush, Vibrant Green Color – This is the first thing that is noticed when you have a healthy lawn and the thing that people think of most often when you mention lawn fertilization. Fun fact, nitrogen is the nutrient that helps the lawn have that lush green hue. Together with proper moisture levels, they give your lawn that “make your neighbors jealous” hue.


Early Spring: Who invited the crabgrass to stay? Pre-emergent weed and crabgrass control to provide season long control of crabgrass. Also includes slow release fertilizer to promote early color and growth.

Late Spring: Start your spring without the weeds! With another dose of crabgrass preventative, this application adds broadleaf weed control to knock clover and dandelions dead! With slow release fertilizer to promote grass hardiness, rich nitrogen storage for the months ahead, and fertilizers to give the ability to rebound from stress.

Early Summer: We know you like dark green grass! Slow release fertilizer to promote grass hardiness, rich nitrogen storage for the months ahead, fertilizers to give the ability to rebound from stress, and we will also spot treat as necessary.

Late Summer: The weeds want to come back but we won’t let them! Our specialists will scout for new, warm season weeds that have emerged and spot treat them. We will also provide summer heat stress protection with broad leaf weed control. (Optional Grub/Insect Control or Sedge Grass Control).

Fall: Cool nights encourage new weeds, we get to the root of that problem! A fertilizer to restore nutrients and encourage new root growth. Cool season weeds want to work their way in, which our specialists will treat.

Winter: It’s not over yet! Winterization fertilizer that is specially blended to promote fall root development helps roots store water and food for winter survival and strong root development the following year.

*The best defense against weeds and disease is a thick, healthy green lawn!*

(General Description: may not apply to your site exactly as stated – Grub and Insect Control also available and may be recommended depending on your Site Analysis)

Professional Lawn CARE VS. DIY Lawn Fertilization

With all the options in the local home and garden stores, it’s easy to be tempted to fertilize your lawn yourself. The advertisements for those fertilizers make it look easy, right? While you may have some results from tearing open a bag of any old fertilizer and spreading it around your yard, it probably won’t be very consistent. There’s actually a lot of science that goes into a professional lawn fertilization schedule and it’s probably best to leave that science to a professional.

Additionally, the amount of time, effort, and even cost you can save by hiring a professional company can often outweigh the “savings” of doing it yourself.

  • Time: According to the American Time Use Survey, Americans (on average) spend about 70 hours per year on lawn care. We’re not sure about your life but that extra 70 hours could be used very well with your family, your friends, your hobbies, and, well, really anything but maintaining your lawn.

  • Effort: Above and beyond the time spent is the effort that it takes to know and understand the needs of your lawn. Without the background education that a professional has, there will be extra effort in research and going to the store to get the fertilizer itself. A company that has the experience in professional lawn fertilization services will know what to look for in a distressed lawn, what fertilizer to use, how to properly apply and when to apply it based on where you live, this time of year’s climate, and the type of soil in your yard.

  • Cost: The average fertilizer bag costs between $40 and $60. If you purchase the wrong kind and have to repurchase a different formula, you will eat that cost. Additionally, heaven forbid, you use one that damages your lawn further then it will cost even more to bring it back to its original state only to have to spend more to make it healthier again. A professional lawn company will know exactly what to do to make your lawn its healthiest and will do it right the first time. Additionally, the average cost for a professional company to fertilize your lawn is about the price of a bag of name-brand fertilizer. We use a higher grade and better quality of chemicals, which we buy in bulk for the cost savings, and can pass those savings on to you INCLUDING our professional knowledge and labor at one fixed cost with your contract.

To help your lawn reach its fullest potential, a professional lawn company will put the research, knowledge, and years of experience behind these components of proper fertilization:

  1. Proper Scheduling: As mentioned above, we have a set schedule that has a history of success to back it up. We take into account the “nitrogen release rate”, use controlled-release fertilizers to provide a steady, controlled release after the initial quick-release of nitrogen to quickly “green up” your yard. This controlled release gradually balances the nutrients over the soil for a period of approximately 8 weeks thus leaving a consistent and constant supply of nitrogen and nutrients for the grass.

  2. Proper Ingredients: There are a variety of mixtures and a professional lawn company knows how to properly select the mix that is best for your lawn. There are three major nutrients in fertilizer (nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium) and each play an important role in a lush and healthy lawn.
    • Nitrogen – like mentioned before, this is what makes the grass appear lush and green
    • Phosphorus – for root grown stimulation
    • Potassium – for increased tolerance of disease and drought

  3. Proper Amounts: If doing it yourself, you would have to figure out the square footage of your lawn and do some math to figure out how many bags you would need for your lawn. With a professional company, they would do all that math for you.

Unlike when doing it yourself, hiring a professional lawn service comes with a satisfaction guarantee. We provide the service and, if it’s not right, we will fix it. That doesn’t happen with your local home and garden store because when you buy the fertilizer, you’re taking the accountability that it’s going to work.

Like with anything, you have to weigh the benefits, the risks, and the cost of doing it yourself vs hiring a professional lawn service company. You know which side of the scale that we’re on but really, just ask yourself this:

Would you rather: a) spend your weekends fertilizing and working on your lawn or b) hire a professional and spend your time doing what matters most, spending time with your friends and family?





We appreciate all the ideas, energy and work you put into our project. From design through construction you were very professional, easy to work with, and committed to giving us what we wanted. We are very pleased with the result and in knowing we chose the right company to create our backyard experience.
– Rick & Brandi – Edwardsville, IL

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We purchased or new Ranch style home nearly four years ago after living in a two-story for 20 plus years. This was the type of home and style of home my wife and I were searching for once we decided to move. We found our dream home sitting on 2 difficult acres. Once in the backyard, it sloped heavily down to a 1 Acre retention pond that was really in awful condition. We did see potential for something very special if we could find the right company to partner with. We met the entire staff at Envisioning green through an invitation to one of their Wine Open Houses. While there, we were able to see their many outdoor exhibits and view their picture portfolios and well as speak with some of their current and past customers.

Late last summer and we had their owner and designer over to discuss the entire project; both pond remediation and backyard creation. We wanted a pool, gas fire pit and an outdoor bar and as usually happens....once we got going, we added a little more!

The process was quite impressive as we gave them a list of must haves and a budget for the project. We did have change orders for things we elected to add but once we signed, it couldn't have gone smoother. The project turned out amazingly like the electronic design plan they initially presented us with no unwanted surprises. They worked through the winter, around the early spring rains and we are now enjoying our backyard immensely.

With our property, there was so much more complexity than what I'm able to describe here and we knew we couldn't turn this over to just any company based solely on price or promise. For the reasonable budget we gave them we received an "HGTV"" backyard in return. Great job Envisioning Green!
Larry & Kris – Maryville, IL

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We now have our backyard oasis!!! Absolutely love how everything turned out. Brian and his crew were wonderful and paid very close attention to detail!! Any unexpected issues that came up, they were able to quickly fix and when we wanted to add on to the project we were able to get the supplies needed quickly. Overall job well done and can’t wait for future projects with Envisioning Green!! :) big thanks to Charles for the vision, Justin and Steven for keeping it all together and Brian and his crew for making it happen! Time to enjoy some backyard parties!
Mary Beth – Maryville, IL

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Don’t Want To Write This Review … Seriously

Having read the title, it would be understandable if your mind jumped to the assumption that I am preparing to present a plethora of faults with the company, the crew, the work … whatever. But nothing could be further from my thoughts. The reason for my not wanting to write this review is because reviews mark the end of something and I find it hard to meet this particular end; the people involved here, the ones leaving because their work is finished, are people I’ve come to so admire and care about.

I’m 63 years old. I’ve hired contractors throughout my life for big jobs, small jobs and all of those in between. Too often I’ve been profoundly amazed at the level of incompetence displayed by self-proclaimed professionals; their work so shoddy that one simply had to accept the entirety of their training must have come from watching YouTube videos or that some had perhaps once made a wooden letter holder for their mother and, having completed that arduous task, then decided they were skilled enough to build houses. After experiencing so many contractor related disappointments through the years, I finally came to often expect the worst as the new normal.

At 62, I bought my retirement home and soon decided it needed some updates that were far beyond my own ability to complete. I began with a clear vision of what I wanted and began seeking out a company, a partner, that could bring my ideas to life. I called or visited companies large and not-so-large and even approached recommended individuals. Most all of these I asked said they couldn’t do what I wanted and those few that said they could really didn’t have the quality materials, proper experience or share vision that I was looking for. In that I would be spending my retirement money on one-time projects, I could no longer afford to have contractors that were only going to provide me with “good-enough” or less. In driving around through southern Illinois and Missouri, I’d seen some beautiful places with completed projects similar to what I wanted but couldn’t bring myself to go up and ask any of the home owners who it was had done the work for them. My bad.

Then I began searching the internet with key terms like outdoor fireplace, stone staircase, outdoor kitchen, etc.; began searching images of such projects that closely matched what I had imagined. Clicking on an image would sometimes provide a link to the company that had built the project. And that’s how it was I came to find an image, clicked on it and discovered a link to Envisioning Green. I thought it an odd name but, hey, the image was all that and so I was willing to reach out this one more time.

Lindsey Bigham answered the phone when I rang Envisioning Green. I was in a mood and immediately launched into a rather loud and semi-accusatory rant the second she finished saying hello...

Continued Here...

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